Surrounded by Idiots: A Book Recap


“Surrounded by Idiots” by Thomas Erikson is a book that dives into the complexities of human behavior. It’s a guide to understanding why people act the way they do, based on the DISC model. The book categorizes people into four main types: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Let’s break down what each of these colors represents and why this book is a must-read for anyone looking to navigate the maze of human interactions.

The Four Colors


  • Characteristics: Dominant, ambitious, and assertive.
  • Strengths: Great leaders, goal-oriented.
  • Weaknesses: Can be perceived as aggressive.


  • Characteristics: Social, enthusiastic, and persuasive.
  • Strengths: Excellent communicators, team players.
  • Weaknesses: May lack focus, easily distracted.


  • Characteristics: Calm, patient, and caring.
  • Strengths: Good listeners, empathetic.
  • Weaknesses: May avoid confrontation, slow to change.


  • Characteristics: Analytical, logical, and systematic.
  • Strengths: Detail-oriented, reliable.
  • Weaknesses: May be seen as overly critical, indecisive.
YellowCommunicationLack of focus
GreenEmpathyAvoids confrontation
BlueAttention to detailOverly critical

Why It Matters

Understanding these color-coded personalities can be a game-changer in both your personal and professional life. Imagine knowing exactly how to approach your boss for a raise or how to handle a difficult family member. It’s like having a cheat sheet for human interaction.

Real-Life Example

Let’s say you’re in a team meeting. You notice that your ‘Red’ boss is pushing for quick decisions, while your ‘Blue’ colleague wants to analyze all the data. Knowing their personality types can help you bridge the gap, perhaps by suggesting a quick but thorough review process.

My Take

The book is an eye-opener but take it with a grain of salt. People are complex and can’t be boxed into just one color. However, it provides a good starting point for understanding human behavior. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s a step in the right direction.


“Surrounded by Idiots” offers valuable insights into human behavior. It’s a tool that can help you understand not just others, but also yourself. Whether you’re a Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue, understanding these categories can enhance your relationships and make navigating social situations a breeze.

Further Reading

If you found this topic intriguing, you might also enjoy The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, which explores how different people give and receive love.

So, are you surrounded by idiots or just different shades of genius? The answer might just be a color away.

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